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Man comes home to dog having destroyed his new £2,800 sofa

Much like kids, you can’t turn your back on a dog for even a few minutes without expecting a whole load of mess.

While children might cover themselves in nappy rash cream or makeup, dogs are more likely to completely tear a prized possession apart.

That’s a lesson Jaccob Mckay learned firsthand this week.

Jaccob, 26, went for a breakfast date for the first time in weeks, having been cooped up indoors due to lockdown, and left his Alaskan malamute husky Cypress indoors alone.

When he returned he was horrified to find stuffing from his brand new £2,800 sofa littered all over his home.

It turned out that Cypress had spent his time alone playing a solo game of tug-of-war with the sofa, tearing it to shreds with his teeth – all while his other dog, Lego, watched it happen.

Dog lover Jaccob thinks Cypress, who is 10-months-old, was protesting at being left alone.

Jaccob said: ‘I was greeted by a very guilty looking boy laying on his belly at the door.

‘As we walked down the hall it became evident why he was looking so shameful, with pieces of fluff from the brand-new cushions creating a destructive trail to the ruined leather sofa.

‘His punishment was being locked outside until we could bear to look at him again.

‘Safe to say we left him locked outside when we left the house today.’